Trift Bridge Hike


The Trift aerial cable car takes you up across the Trift gorge and up to the Trift valley. From here you can hike up to the Trift suspension bridge where a fascinating view up to the lake and glacier will reward your efforts. The Windegg hut can be reached either along the direct path „Ketteliweg“ (Level T3) or the easier „Familienweg“ (Level T2). Surefootedness is required for the direct descent from the Windegg hut. An alpine route (Level T5) leads from the Trift bridge to the SAC Trift hut which takes 3 hours.

Hiking time

1h 30 from Trift aerial cable car mountain station to the Trift Bridge

Starting Point

Trift aerial cable car

Post Bus

Bus stop Nessental, Triftbahn

Level of difficulty according to the SAC Mountain and Alpine Walking Rates

Rate Trail/Terrain Requirements
T2 Mountain hiking trail (white-red-white) Trail with continuous tracks. Some steep terrain, risk of falling is not excluded. Some surefootedness. Hiking shoes are recommended. Elementary orientation property.
T3 challenging alpine route (white-red-white) Track is not necessarily fully visible. Some parts maybe secured with ropes or chains. Maybe you need your hands for balance. Some parts with exposed crash hazard, scree plots, trackless. Good surefootedness. Good trekking shoes. Average orientation assets. Elementary alpine experience.
T4 alpine trail (white-blue-white) Track not necessarily available. At some points we need the hands to come forward. Terrain already exposed, delicate grass heaps, some simple Firn and aper glacier passages. Familiarity with exposed terrain. Sturdy hiking shoes. Certain terrain assessment guidance. Alpine experience. With fall weather it can be a difficult retreat.
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