Reichenbach Funicular


The thundering waters of the Reichenbach Waterfall showed the way for the engineers as they lay the tracks for the funicular in 1899. The ride up in the nostalic wooden wagon, which is an exact replica of the original wagon, will take you up to the base of this impressive 120m high waterfall. Wonderful views of the waterfall and the Hasli valley await you from the viewing platform. From here you can also see the place where Sherlock Holmes and his arch enemy Moriarty did battle which ended with both falling to their deaths.


Tickets for one way trip or a round trip can be purchased online or directly by the Funicular Staff. This is not valid for combi tickets. There is no advance ticket sales possible. Please note that the tickets that you buy from the Funicular Staff can only be payed in cash.


two wagons for 24 people each


Adults return CHF 10.- / single trip CHF 7.-
Children 6-16 return CHF 8.- / single trip CHF 6.-

Combi tickets

Funicular and Aare Gorge Adults CHF 15.- / Children 6-16 CHF 11.-
Funicular and Sherlock Holmes Museum Adults CHF 11.- / Children 6-16 CHF 8.-
Funicular and Monster Trotti Adults CHF 24.- / Children 6-16 CHF 20.-


14 May till 9 October 2016

Hours of Operation

9 - 17.30 h

Post Bus

Bus stop Willigen, Klinik Reichenbach

Hiking Tip 1 - Following Sherlock Holmes’s Footsteps

Start at the Sherlock Holmes Museum at the Casinoplatz in Meiringen, walk via Willigen and Schwendi up to the place where Sherlock Holmes and his arch rival Moriarty fell to their deaths into the thundering Reichenbach waterfall. Continue up via Zwirgi to the top station of the Reichenbach funicular and back down to the valley floor (total approx. 2.5hrs) or on foot via Geissholz to Willigen and Meiringen (T1-T2, approx. 3.5hrs).

Hiking Tip 2 - Reichenbach Hike

Take the Reichenbach funicular up to the top station then walk up towards Zwirgi to the place at the other side of the waterfall where Sherlock Holmes fell to his death. Direct descent (T2) or via family trail (T1) to Schwendi and Willigen and back to the bottom station, approx. 2.5hrs.

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