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Welcome in the Grimselwelt

Following the paths set by hydroelectric power, you can experience a world of freedom, with alpine routes, swaying suspension bridges, steep inclines and stylish hotel rooms offering everything that even the most enthusiastic adventurers could desire.

Grimselwelt Mountain Lifts

Discover the Grimselwelt mountain lifts! The Gelmer Funicular, with a gradient of up to 106% is the steepest in Europe. On the other side of the mountain range the Trift aerial cable car takes you up to the starting point of the 1 ½ hr hike to one of the longest suspension bridges in the alps. Or the Tälli aerial cable car will take you up to the Tälli mountain restaurant and also the starting points for the Sätteli and Tälli fixed climbing routes. The Sidelhorn aerial cable car crosses the Grimsel lake and ends at the starting point of the hike to the Sidelhorn peak. The Reichenbach funicular takes you up to the impressive, 120m high, Reichenbach waterfall. The MIB train connects Meiringen to the Grimselwelt in Innertkirchen.

Dine & stay
in our Grimsel hotels

The Grimselwelt also has lots to offer when it comes to culinary delights – the Hotel and Nature Resort Handeck, the Historic Alpine Hotel Grimsel Hospiz and the Oberaar Mountain Restaurant and Berghaus make a positive impression by serving regional products in stylish dining rooms with wonderful views of alpine landscapes. The Historic Alpine Hotel Grimsel Hospiz and the Hotel and Nature Resort Handeck are the perfect place to hold seminars and work meetings. After an intensive day, the heated outdoor pool, sauna and whirlpool at Handeck promise relaxation and rejuvenation.

Guided Power Plant Tours

The production of hydroelectricity is a wonderful technology. Hidden in the mountains, built for many generations and absolutely safe. Visitors welcome! A ride through the labyrinth of tunnels, a tour through the mountain’s interior. Our power plants are ready and waiting, open for inquisitive visitors.

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